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Welcome to The Wellspring! We are a brand new wedding and event venue serving Wooster, Ohio, and the surrounding cities and small towns of northeast Ohio. If you are in Wayne County, Ohio and searching for the perfect place to hold your next wedding or event, look no further!

There are certainly many other places to tie the knot, throw a party, or gather with loved ones for a special occasion. You may be wondering what sets us apart, and why booking at The Wellspring would give you a different experience than you can find elsewhere in and around Wooster. Read on to discover the top six features that set us apart from existing venues, and some of the exciting amenities you can expect when you book with us!

  1. Natural Beauty, Outdoors

The setting for your event certainly matters – but forget about the buildings and indoor experience for just a moment. What are things like outside? What sort of environment greets your guests upon arrival? If it’s a beautiful day, or someone needs a breath of fresh air, what kind of embrace do they find beyond the venue’s doors? All of these considerations mattered greatly to us, which is why we built The Wellspring on 15 private acres of rural land. Whether you’re looking to actively engage with nature, or merely enjoy it as a peaceful backdrop for your event, our property features unmatched natural beauty.

Upon arrival, you can’t miss our large pond, flanked by trees, and absolutely picturesque at sunset. You will also find springtime wildflowers, summer berries, fiery fall foliage, and untouched winter snowfalls. Year-round, mature trees and evergreen forests surround The Wellspring, with a babbling creek winding just beyond our back patio. Wildflower meadows, paths through the woods, and open grassy areas provide all of the space and variety you could hope for outside. Beautiful buildings can be constructed anywhere, but securing the right slice of perfectly untouched land can be a little bit harder. At The Wellspring, we combined both. We believe that when you book with us, you have access to a unique property, whose natural surroundings help you unplug from the bustle of the day-to-day, and relax in the tranquility of the Earth’s beauty.

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  1. Timeless Beauty, Indoors 

As designers, we believe that design matters, and that the setting of your event indoors is just as important as the surroundings outdoors. Because The Wellspring is newly constructed, we had the privilege of selecting every interior feature, while designing the most bright, light-filled, beautiful space that we could – while leaving just enough blank space to serve as a versatile backdrop for your big day. Instead of succumbing to trends, we prioritized timeless design choices that will feel just as current now as they will years down the line.

Inspired by vintage schoolhouses, old churches, and even some of the classic Amish homesteads traditional to this area – timeless white is the prevailing theme for our space. For both our exterior and interior walls, crisp white contrasts brightly against the property’s deep green landscape.

In order to accommodate various event decor of all kinds, white with minimal touches of contrasting black dominate the interior design scheme. Neutral concrete floors and warm wood beams, both inside and out, provide textual touches and organic, natural elements. Our feature wall of windows showcases the beauty of the outdoors, and combined with our plentiful other windows and large glass doors, let in an incredible amount of natural light. We believe that our unique combination of expansive white space, tremendous amount of natural light, and neutral, natural elements woven throughout make for a fresh, modern space that feels both modern and timeless. We can’t wait to see how you take The Wellspring’s bright white interiors and make it your own!

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  1. We Bring the Outdoors In

By now you know that The Wellspring is situated in a beautiful location, and that our temperature-controlled indoor buildings are usually where the magic happens. But our main reception hall has a special feature that allows even an indoor event to feel decidedly outdoorsy – six sets of enormous glass doors which open completely to a full 10-foot width and invite guests onto our timber-framed party patios with lights and fans. On a nice day, throw the doors open and allow a cross-breeze to flow through your party! Allow guests to mingle seamlessly from inside to outside; your usable party space can expand greatly and joyful mingling can easily spill outside – beneath the sun, stars, or moon. Bordered in by trees and a creek, with sunset views visible from both patios, your guests will love not having to choose between inside or outside, but to bounce easily between them both. On colder days, the glass doors allow a view of the outdoors and so much natural light that even when you’re inside, you still feel the outdoors close by.

  1. An All-In-One Ceremony & Reception Spot

Some venues are set up perfectly for a lovely ceremony. Some only provide a large space for a reception. And sometimes, couples have to choose how to utilize a single space and flip it – quickly and stealthily – between a ceremony and reception. That setup can provide a lot of logistical stress, and limit your options on your big day. From the start, we knew that we wanted to design a venue that could easily accommodate a ceremony and reception, both on-site, without flipping a single space for multiple uses or awkwardly shuffling guests in and out of the same room.

That’s why our outdoor green space allows for a ceremony beneath the trees, while your reception is safely set up in our main reception hall. Or, choose our darling one-room chapel building which is bright and window-lined with just enough room for a crisp white and comfortable indoor ceremony, no matter what kind of Ohio weather we’re experiencing that day. Choosing our chapel space as a designated ceremony spot allows all of your reception tables and decor to be set up and ready to go in the other building, and guests have the ease of simply walking from one space to another without having to travel between ceremony and reception locations. Once your party arrives at The Wellspring, they can unplug and relax from the beginning to the end of your big day.

  1. Choose Your Own Vendors

It’s likely you have your heart set on a special vendor or two – a unique catering company whose food is out-of-this-world, a particular photographer you’ve worked with for years, or an amazing food truck who holds a special place in your heart. Many venues only allow a booking if you use their preferred caterer, bartender, and more. But at The Wellspring, we want your event to reflect you and your unique story, which is why we’ll never push for packaged weddings or a restrictive list of vendors. While we do have a list of recommendations to help you get started, we are open to the unique caterers, bartenders, DJs, food trucks, photographers, videographers, hair & makeup professionals, and more of your choosing. Your wedding vendors should align with your style, values, and budget – so enjoy assembling your dream team and bringing them out to The Wellspring for your big day! 

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  1. Modern Amenities and Creature Comforts

Many available venues are housed in structures or buildings not originally designed for events (like a charming but chilly barn!). And some spaces may make for a good party, but quickly go sideways when guests have to hike up their gowns and climb into a port-a-potty because the venue doesn’t have bathrooms on site – yikes!

Before construction even began, we thought through all the many details that go into a seamless event – often unseen or underappreciated features that you may not think to ask about up front, but which make a big difference come wedding day. In our unpredictable Midwestern setting, weather can often fluctuate unexpectedly from week to week, no matter the season. That’s why both of our buildings are heated and cooled, with large fans available for additional air flow in our reception hall and party patios.

Brand new bathrooms are on-site and easily accessible to all. For getting ready, we have two separate bridal party suites for use – comfortable rooms with soft seating, tons of wall hooks, plenty of natural light, abundant outlets, and large mirrors for all to use. High-speed internet and wi-fi are also available for use day-of. A large parking lot is on the property, conveniently located at the end of our circle drive and neatly tucked out-of-sight. And to safely welcome everyone, the entire property is ADA compliant and handicap accessible.

Photo by Ericka Karazsia of The Everyday PIC[tory]

We hope this list gives you more insight into our venue, and all we have to offer. We believe we’ve created a unique and versatile space, ready to host your most special gatherings, large and small. At The Wellspring, we thought of everything – so you don’t have to!

Six Features That Set Us Apart

May 10, 2023

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